Amazing Hair Color Trends 2016-2017 For Fall

Hey, my dear women! I have Hair Color Trends 2016-2017 and fall 2016/17 color trends for you today, and if you need to keep up today with the fashion, I recommend you to keep reading. It doesn’t mean the color of your hair because there are hot and trendy shades for every color this fall season.

Fall is just about the corner, so hurry up and embraces one of these hot hair color trends. I already smell the light in the air. What about you? If you need to make some changes in your look, then you should start from Hair Color Trends 2016-2017.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017

As I said, I have hair color patterns for you today and for every trend I have pictures of celebrities that have lately embraced the color trends or they haven’t turned that shade for years and now the same is trendy. Before you book a date, pick a hair color that will suit you best to your skin shade, face shape, etc. Now, let’s see which the hottest fall hair trends are.


Bronde was popular in summer, and obviously this trend continues to be popular in fall too. This soft combination of brunette and blonde is easy for maintaining and it also seems spectacular and fascinating on everybody. Cara Delevingne and Blake Happy are one of the first that started with the fall 2016/17 color trends.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


I just love this color, but my haircut is dark, and I’m not sure that it will look great on me. But, this Hair Color Trends 2016-2017’s shade looks killer on the celebrities below. If you have some shade of blonde, you should copy this trend. If you are not so magic, and you have the dark color, then you must ask your hairstylist and ask him to color your hair.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


If you are now blonde, and you are not prepared to go with a darker shade, then you should try honey blonde shade. I like this Hair Color Trends 2016-2017, what about you?

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


The buttery blonde seems very similar to the honey blonde shade. So, girls with curly hair, you have shades to choose. See the images below and pick which blonde shade do you like more: honey blonde or buttery blonde?

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


Those who are not fearful of making changes should go for champagne red hair color trend. This color will get you feel like a hot siren, running down the street. This is already included in Hair Color Trends 2016-2017 and fall 2016/17 color trends.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams have now tried strawberry gold hair trend. Would you dare to dye your hair in the strawberry gold shade? I like it a lot and me thing that this color is perfect for me.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


Cinnamon-y stands are darker than the previous strawberry gold hair trend. It is vibrant and fiery ideal for the fall days. You don’t want much makeup to look stunning and amazing fall 2017 hair color trends.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


Selena Gomez and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wears medium chocolate brown hair all the time. This trend looks very simple and lovely. And if you opt for anything modest, then you should try this medium chocolate brown hair trend.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


If you don’t need to turn your brown hair and want to stay brunette this fall, then you should try cool chestnut hair shade. Even if you are blonde, you can try it on and make some changes in your look.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017


You can give a fresh twist to your brown hair if you add some dark golden stands. This is the best way to lighten up your face. If you are not a fan of the appears, keep in mind that the light golden tones don’t want to show up a lot to look beautiful and sophisticated. See the hairstyle with golden highlights below.

Hair Color Trends 2016-2017

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